It was a happy day that Joséphine Galét was born as the only daughter of Belgian nobility, but as fickle fate sometimes will do, her life would be forever changed. Upon the untimely death of her mother, the young Joséphine leaped into the loving arms of her grandmother. Days and nights were spent in the palatial family kitchens, where dancing and baking were the ingredients of happiness so powerful it turned sorrow into sunlight.
Legend has it that this was the origin of the delectable Galét waffle; Locals will tell you that this is why the mystical recipe is still a well-guarded family secret, shared only with each new generation. Maison Galét was established to let everyone enjoy a legendary taste of Belgian culinary magic. Made with love to make each day a little bit nicer.

Our sweet waffles


We will tempt you with our delicious and authentic products, including our warm, sweet waffles in a range of flavours, which are certain to delight your taste buds.

At Maison Galét, the past meets the present, and young and old alike will discover the fragrances of childhood that speak to all our senses.

Our Galéts Gourmands

A new range of savoury waffles now complements our gourmet offer by perfectly blending appearance and taste, through the combination of an excellent product sumptuously presented by our Chef.

Wriggling Salmon
Veggy Symphony
Parisian Romance
Grand Tradition
Italian “Caprice”
Greek Delight
Indian Mystery
Juicy Beef
Royal Cheese

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39, rue Pont d’Ile
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1000 Brussels

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20250 - Casablanca (Morocco)

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